From Shy Introvert To The Most Popular Person In The Room (in six weeks)
Charismatic is a 6‐week Online Video Course which helps you overcome your shyness and turn into that person who everybody is drawn to.

CONFIDENT‐ How To Be Confident Like Conor McGregor

You need to do this 1 thing to achieve the most praised things in life. Which is the one the most confident people focused on? Find out here.   What do history’s greatest leaders like Mandela, Putin, or Lincoln have in common with Bruce Lee, Mohammad Ali or Conor…


What makes people charismatic? You think you don’t have what it takes to become charismatic? Listen to what I have to say. Let’s take the 20–0 heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua for example. We could agree his number one trait is humility. This is apparent from his TV

Charisma & Social Skills — The Biggest Myths

I’ve never been good with people. I’ve always been shy…” Is this you? Well, although it’s completely fine to be like that, you DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS for the rest of your life. You see, we learn how to express ourselves in the earliest stages of our lives.…

Introversion v. Shyness

Do you know the difference between being introvert and being shy? No, these are not the same terms as one might easily think. There is also a common error in the belief that introverts don’t like people. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many powerful, connected individuals who have…