Have you found yourself carrying emotional baggage recently?
Do you sometimes find it difficult to cry and express your emotions?
Are you in a vicious circle and you wanna step out?

For many years I struggled with carrying suppressed emotions until it became unbearable. 

When my parents dropped me off at the airport to say goodbye, I didn’t feel a thing.
When my grandfather died the same happened.

At such times one logically asks himself: “What is wrong with me?!”

So, having aggressive inner talks became a routine of mine.

When negative things already started to pick up momentum, I luckily found meditation.

Deep, buried emotions were slowly coming to the surface. I could finally see the angry man lurking in the mirror, staring at himself.

Through time we learn how to suppress feelings, take the easier way out. For me, it turned out to be the harder one. And I paid the price for it.

Depression is a common price tag, stapled to an unsuspecting mind. Removing this label, however, took a lot of time for me.

Eventually, a half a year ago, I’ve stumbled upon the solution.

It hit me like Newton’s apple. As I was meditating, pondering on a recent, hard breakup with the “love of my life”, the wall just cracked. This tiny crack ultimately tore the wall down. I cried and cried. I finally put down the bag of stones.

Crying became a new routine of mine. A much happier one. Sharing this routine with my friends helped me to uncover the ones who were carrying a similar bag‐connecting us in much deeper ways.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you cried? Yeah, that’s how long you are already carrying your stones.

I’m not trying to tell you to cry right now. Find a comfortable moment, place, put on some emotional music, or a movie scene, think of an emotional moment and just let go. You will feel relieved and light.


Here’s a really to‐the‐point summary which might help you in your toughest times:

  1. Meditate—find solace in yourself, BREATHE, you will quickly notice a change
  2. Crying is perfectly OK—in fact, it will relieve you of the burden you’re carrying
  3. When you feel the urge find a quiet place, put on a sad movie scene, emotional music, breathe and just LET IT OUT—no need to force it. It WILL come.