Do you struggle with relationships? And why asking your friends for relationship advice might not be the best choice…

WHERE to go and HOW to ask the right questions find out in this blog post.

To be honest, most of such tips aren’t especially beneficial, some of them can even be dangerous. It’s often true that the very people who need advice are a lot of times the advice givers. That is why we need to go to the professionals.

Now, opening up to a relative stranger with such intimate questions is delicate with relationships. For this reason, books can come in very handy.

I’ve just finished a book with the title “Attached”. It has changed many views I had before I opened it.

Let me summarize this for you.

There are basically three attachment styles. An attachment style simply means how one wants to be intimate with another person.

The first one is secure, the second one anxious, the third is the avoidant type.

  1. Secure people are very comfortable with getting intimate with other people. When they detect a problem, they want to resolve it. They are the true relationship‐material people.
  1. The anxious type wants to be intimate as well. However, they might not go easy on it. When they detect a problem it’s likely they will add even more oil to the fire‐with texting, calling, being needy. They just don’t want to be “left outside alone”.
  1. The avoidant type, obviously, doesn’t want to create intimate relationships. Their excuses are often tied to climbing the career ladder, dealing with their own problems etc. In reality, they are just afraid of tying up with someone else. Their tactics can base on running away from a partner by flirting with others, ignoring their calls…


Take a minute for the survey in the video description. It will give you some food for thought on who is the best kind of people for you to get closer to.

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