When was the last time you were dying to approach the main speaker at a big event and you just couldn’t find “the way in”?

And after the show, you were stuck in a queue of a hundred people with the same agenda.

People network all the time. When you go to the store to buy groceries, when you talk to your professor, or when you talk to a girl/boy you like.

It’s a little bit different with networking for a specific reason.

Let’s say you’re trying to meet a specific mentor and you attend a seminar with her as the main speaker. Just handing over your business card will result in her forgetting right your face as soon as she exits the room, or even sooner.

Let me give you an example.

Recently, I was at a seminar held by Steven Bartlett, a super‐successful CEO. And of course, there was a line of maybe a 100 people, dying to shake his hand. But, there was also a different group of people standing right beside Steven‐like they were maybe his friends. My instincts woke up on time and showed me a better solution.

A couple of minutes after getting closer to them I was already having deep conversations with his right hand. Of course, Steven noticed that, and the effects of my different approach to meeting him resulted in shaking hands in a more trusting manner.

The conversation led to him giving an interview for my YouTube channel. We laughed, we bonded.

To sum up:
The moral of the story is all about the importance of standing out, thinking creatively when meeting people.
Open up, express your nervousness, build upon it in order to ask important questions and to leverage your newly established connections.