How to be the person who stands out at a seminar or a conference?

Not sure how to be the one everybody wants to do business with?

Learn all about it in this blog post.

I will share a real story from a business seminar I took part in.

There, every team had to solve a business case. I found myself on a team with similarly inexperienced youngsters. To spice things up, even more, our presentation was scheduled right after a vicious, professional‐looking team.

And after they presented their views, the whole room was left speechless. The speaker made our team’s paper look like a bunch of kindergarten drawings.

So, we had step it up and seriously think outside of the box in order not to be forgotten immediately after the pitch.

To see how we made the crowd, as well as Peter Sage, stand up and applaud, have a look at the video (it starts at 1:40).

After the seminar, people were flocking me, trying to get to know mine, as well as my team’s story.

I’m still in touch with some of the people from that event. And there’s a big chance we’re gonna do something great together in the future. All because of that two‐and‐a‐half‐minute speech.

All in all, I wasn’t the smartest guy, nor was my team the most experienced one. What I managed to pull off was to make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd with my humour and creativity.

If it’s that simple, what are you still waiting for?

I bet you have all it takes to stand out from the crowd.