I’ve never been good with people. I’ve always been shy…”

Is this you? Well, although it’s completely fine to be like that, you DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS for the rest of your life.

You see, we learn how to express ourselves in the earliest stages of our lives.

To illustrate, if people laughed at your jokes when you were younger, you thought: “Hmm, this works…,” and you did it again and again. It eventually made you a “funny” person.  Today, you don’t have a problem with cracking jokes.

So why does it have to be any different with charisma? If you haven’t learned it as a child, you can still learn it now.

You’re not alone, by no means. To hear what superstars like Jordan, Walt Disney, and Einstein had to say about becoming the best on their fields–see the video (starts at 2:50).

Skills like walking, brushing your teeth, driving a car were at first something you were unconfident about, you were clumsy when doing them.

But hey, look at you today—you’re performing these tasks daily, with no problems whatsoever.

With practice, you have transformed the first awkward feelings into a routine.

You’ve probably guessed it by now—the same goes for learning to be more charismatic—it’s a skill.

So, if I give you the right advice today and you follow it, practice every day, little by little, WILL you become a superstar in social skills?

The answer is simple—just like it became a second nature of yours to speak your native language, or to make yourself a sandwich, you too can break this glass ceiling above you and become a “natural” in social skills.