You need to do this 1 thing to achieve the most praised things in life.

Which is the one the most confident people focused on? Find out here.


What do history’s greatest leaders like Mandela, Putin, or Lincoln have in common with Bruce Lee, Mohammad Ali or Conor McGregor?


They have all reached the heights of martial arts.

Lincoln was a well‐known wrestler before he embarked on a political career, Mandela a heavyweight boxer and Putin holds a black‐belt in judo.

And fighting isn’t the common denominator by chance.

It is well known that it increases your self‐confidence. Guess why.

When you’re gasping for air and there are 2 minutes left in the spar, you have no other chance but to push it through.

When your trainer makes you do another set of pushups after you can’t move your arms anymore, guess what, it builds the never‐give‐up trait.

You’ve probably already felt the toughness of life on your skin, felt the urge to quit when it gets tough or when your competition overwhelms you.

Precisely in these situations, your tougher‐self will get you going.

Courage isn’t about never getting afraid, it’s knowing you can handle the pressure of being afraid.

Knowing you can handle your body under pressure gives you an extra level of certainty.

You start to walk upright, knowing that you can handle a tough situation which you might come across.

Be it making a speech in front of a 100 people, having a job interview, or walking home alone at night.

You automatically feel more confident, calmer, focused. Others can feel this change. They feel more secure beside you, they trust you more.

And for the bad guys. Well, they know you’re not afraid to fight back.

Go to a local gym, try it out and feel yourself grow, mentally and physically.

To sum up.

  1. Training martial‐arts teaches you how to put your mind over matter.
  2. Courage is nothing else than knowing you can handle the pressure.
  3. The fighting spirit makes you calmer and focused. Others will feel this change in you too.