We all have things we really want but think we cannot get. They are too far, too complicated, or too expensive for our budget. Think of it, I am sure you have one too. It could be the latest high‐tech device, a five‐star trip abroad, or maybe the chance to meet your favorite artist after their concert. Right now, your wish could seem impossible, simply out of your reach.

But what if I told you that there is a simple formula that can help you get anything you want? In this article, I will share with you the secret Super Connector Formula that I use every single time I want to get something amazing and seemingly impossible, in three easy steps. To prove to you that it really works, I will use a real‐life example.

Step one: know what you want

It is very important to know exactly what you want out of life. Otherwise, you will be carried around like a leaf in the wind, and somebody else will make your plans for you.

My friend and I are in Tokyo right now. When we first arrived, we realized that we wanted to explore the city as if we were local VIPs. We wanted an amazing, special experience. For us, that was to be shown the local restaurants, introduced to the best clubs, put on the VIP list by somebody who knows the owners, the DJs and speaks the local language. And of course, do all that absolutely for free.

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Step two: figure out who can help you get what you want

Connections are everything. Knowing the right people at the right time can really make or break your goals. But first, you need to think of who those people are, and how to reach them.

Our goal was to visit the best places and clubs in Tokyo as a VIPs for free. We tried to figure out who could help us get there: club promoters, club owners, party organizers, DJs or someone who knows them, like beautiful girls, models and artists. It was clear that popular models and beautiful girls who like to party often know the DJs, the promoters or the owners of the best clubs, but we were not sure whether they would have helped us or wanted to meet us in the first place. We were complete strangers to them.

Step three: find out what they want and how you can help them get it

Harassing strangers asking them to help you will get you nowhere. First, you need to understand them, think of who they really are and what they want right now. This is because empathy is at the heart of every connection. Once you understand that, think of how you can help them, and you will have unlocked the secret to all win‐win relationships. If you want more detailed advice on how to get things from people you don’t know and develop the ability to influence strangers, you can find that on my YouTube channel.

Let’s go back to our case. We first looked at what we had to offer. I am traveling with a professional videographer who just happens to have a fascination for making videos with beautiful girls. That was a value that we could offer to local models, as they obviously like photos and video shoots. If we could help them create content that would showcase their beauty and get attention, they would definitely appreciate it and want to help us get what we wanted.d

However, we were new to the city and didn’t know any models. Figuring out how to reach out to them was the next challenge. That is when we tried to think of how they are, understand them better, figure out where they would hang out. And it just hit us — everyone knows that models hang out on Instagram! Instead of looking for relevant hashtags and send a private message to every single model in Tokyo, we decided to make our life much easier and let the girls contact us.

We created a 30‐seconds video campaign on Instagram, announcing e a special model casting in Tokyo, showcasing some of my friend’s previous model work. We also boosted it on Instagram for about 40 euros or 50 US dollars, targeting girls in Tokyo who were into modeling. In three days, we received more than 40 applications from beautiful girls and we found ourselves picking and choosing the ones we wanted to work with.

Final step: enjoy the results of the Super Connector Formula!

That is how we met Ann‐G, an up‐and‐coming singer in Tokyo who is also into modeling. I reached out to her. She took us to an amazing Japanese restaurant and ordered the best mouth‐watering local food for us speaking perfect Japanese to the waiter. After dinner, she put us on the guest list to a mind‐blowing party. We were then taken to another party, where she introduced us to DJs and organizers. Finally, we went to an after‐party where we were again at a guest VIP table and felt really special. We really had a blast and we will be forever grateful to her.

In return, my friend shot a short promo video clip for her new track. In this way, she could promote and showcase her work, which will lead to more brand‐awareness and sales. Everybody was happy, proof of an amazing win‐win collaboration.

This is just one example of how you can put the Super Connector Formula into practice. The next time you want great experiences and get complete strangers to help you in your life, all you need to do is to remember the three steps of the formula:

Know what you want.

Know who can help you get it.

And of course, know what they want and how you can help them get it. If you can find an intersection between those three, you made it. And people will line up to help you get what you want.

It doesn’t end here, because I have a special gift for you. I have created a handy cheat sheet of the Super Connector Formula that you can get for free by clicking this link. Download it and & use it every time you desire something more out of life.