Martin Georgiev

Martin is what you might call a dynamic guy, qualified as an Aerospace Engineer, his hobbies include breakdancing and kickboxing! He is also a super‐connector. All through his life he has attracted the attention of world‐class mentors from around the globe so when he finished his studies, unsure of what he wanted to do career wise but absolutely sure he wanted to pursue the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, he did what he did best and began pursuing relationships with powerful entrepreneurs, like best‐selling course creator Jimmy Naraine. In his attempts to surround himself with a group of 7‐figure entrepreneurs, opportunities and ideas began flooding in. Today he uses his jedi‐connecting skills to help other entrepreneurs establish life‐changing business relationships.

Super Connector

Connecting with anyone, anywhere at anytime

World Traveller

30+ countries, 4 continents & counting

Biz Developer

With outside‐of‐the‐box touch